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At the Farm

AT THE FARM                          Things are still busy at the farm with preparation for cattle showing at Marburg and Esk Shows taking lots of student time. Ten students participated at Marburg show on 10 May, after spending a very cold night camped at the show grounds, with excellent results for them and the cattle they were handling.  The pumpkin and corn crop, despite last week’s inundation, continue to grow with attention from the Year 9s and 11s to control the rampaging weeds.
Preparation for our fruit and vegetable displays for Caboolture, Woodford and Ekka shows continues. Morning student workers are turning up and students are welcome on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunches. On Wednesday and Thursday lunches, we get the cattle out ready for cattle showing. The students are becoming more competent and efficient at handling the animals.

MARBURG SHOW RESULTS                                                                                 

Class 4 Bull 25 Months & over:
Cabhigh Hands - 1st place, Champion Senior Bull & Grand Champion Bull. Exhibited by Chelsea Emblen.
Class 5 Heifer 6    months & under 12 months: 
Cabhigh Jewel - 1st place, Champion Junior Heifer.
Exhibited by Piper Young.
         Class 7 Female 21  months & under 25 months:
Cabhigh Image - 1st place & Reserve Champion Senior Female.
Exhibited by Kiara Inglis.
Class 8 Female 25 months & over:
Cabhigh Honey - 4th place, Cabhigh Flame - 3rd place, Cabhigh Hope - 2nd place & Cabhigh Firefly - 1st place, Champion Senior Female & Grand Champion Female.
Cabhigh Honey was exhibited by John Dern,  Cabhigh Flame was exhibited by Michaela Dickens, Cabhigh Hope was exhibited by Joshua Martin,  Cabhigh Firefly was exhibited by Jayden Bodley & Sienna Muller with calf.
Class 20 Pair Females any age:
Cabhigh Jewel & Cabhigh Image - 3rd place,  Cabhigh Hope & Cabhigh Honey - 2nd place,  Cabhigh Firefly & Cabhigh Flame - 1st place.
Cabhigh Jewel was exhibited by Sienna Muller & Cabhigh Image was exhibited by Jemma Shipp.  Cabhigh Hope was exhibited by Joshua Martin. Cabhigh Honey was exhibited by Chelsea Emblen.  Cabhigh Flame was exhibited by Piper Young.  Cabhigh Firefly was exhibited by Jayden Bodley & Michaela Dickens with calf.
Class 21 Cow & calf:   
Cabhigh Firefly & Cabhigh King - 2nd place.
Cabhigh Firefly was exhibited by John Dern. Cabhigh King was exhibited by Jemma Shipp.
         Class 22 Breeders Group – 3 animals,     mixed sex, owned by exhibitor:
Cabhigh Hands, Cabhigh Hope & Cabhigh Image - 2nd place.                                                    
Cabhigh Hands was exhibited by Joshua Martin. Cabhigh Hope was exhibited by Chelsea Emblen. Cabhigh Image was exhibited by Kiara Inglis.

Marburg Show – Student Perspective

For students like Chelsea and I, who slept near the cattle during the night, we woke up to a chorus of moos. When everyone was up and ready, we started preparing the cattle for showing. This included cleaning stalls, feeding and watering the cattle, spot washing and of course, brushing the cattle to make them look their best.
Once this was done, the cattle were taken to the show ring for showing, both the students and cattle behaving wonderfully in and out of the ring. Eventually, the showing came to an end and everyone packed up, heading home from this spectacular event.
To conclude, the Marburg show was a great experience. Everyone cooperated and due to their willingness to work together, our group achieved some pretty outstanding results with our beautifully behaved cattle.   
Michaela Dickens, Year 11
Well done for all your work!                                                                                                                                       
Gerard Doyle
A/HOD - Agriculture