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Our Modern historians learn all about their past

​Alice Cork learns Morse code from an expert.
On May 9, our Year 11 Modern History students travelled to Brisbane to get a glimpse into a significant part of Queensland’s war-time past.  Our first stop was the McArthur Museum on Edward Street where the students learned about General McArthur’s role in the Pacific theatre during World War Two.  Visiting his very office and even sitting in McArthur’s own chair, enabled the students to see and handle a variety of materials from the time with museum volunteers such as Lisa; hear from people who were there including one man who had met McArthur himself; and learn from Allyson, our tour organiser, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the war against Japan. One of the highlights was definitely when a group of students learned how to use Morse code from Ron, a veteran signaller.  From there, we walked around to ANZAC Square where the students explored the variety of memorial statues that commemorate every conflict Australia has been involved in from the Boer War through to East Timor. The students showed great maturity in the way they interacted with staff at the Museum and strolled amongst the public in the Square and are to be commended on their behaviour and attitude.  They were a pleasure to spend the day with.
‘I loved when we got to tap a code for Morse code. Even though it was SOS, I still loved seeing the little device used. And the man who was explaining seemed really happy in showing a younger generation what he used to do to help his country.’  (Alice)
‘The best part of the excursion was sitting out in the cool, fresh air of ANZAC Square, examining the range of statues, shrines and memorials.’  (Tanika)
‘ANZAC Square was full of many interesting and heroic shrines and statues of all the many wars Australia has taken part in and all of the people who lost their lives. Learning a bit about Morse code and getting to try it was also pretty awesome!’  (Caleb)
‘I loved when we had a demonstration of Morse code and how we got a go at SOS. Even though we only learned SOS, I loved how the man was so happy to teach us, answer questions and how he helped us get it right. He was adorable.’  (Lavinia)
‘The most enjoyable part of this excursion for me would have to have been the visit to ANZAC Square; the freedom we were given to observe and view the statues, dedicated to the men and women who played their roles in the war. Although I will admit, I liked looking at events that had occurred on my birthday in the newspaper at the McArthur Museum!’  (Renieca)
Mrs Courtney Burton
SOSE Department