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​Welcome back and congratulations to all of our senior students, for choosing to continue their education pathway through to the end of Year 12 and the achievement of their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).   Parents and carers often ask how they can best support their child through Senior Schooling.  In my experience, the best form of support is interest.  Remember to make time to ask your child what they have been doing in class, or to show you their classwork for a subject and then to engage in conversation about their classwork/learning at school.  Not only will this show you that your child is engaging in their learning at school, it also deepens their understanding of the topics they are learning.

I would like to share with students, parents and carers some of the resources that are available to students and their families to help guide and support all students through their senior schooling journey.

At the school we have a strong support network for all senior students.  It is important that if your child has concerns regarding their senior schooling, or life in general, that they start conversations – with you at home and/or with any of the staff at school.  Following notification, the school’s student support network will then connect your child with the most appropriate staff member or organisation to help.

The school’s website

The school website is an important resource everyone is familiar with, as it contains links to information and resources related to Senior Schooling.

I encourage all families and community to make time to also explore the Senior Schooling information provided through the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) so as to become more familiar with the processes and language involved in senior schooling in Queensland.

QCAA resource links for all students in Year 12

All Year 12 students should be registered for their learning account with the QCAAs StudentConnect website.  Student Connect gives Year 12 students access to their learning account and results, as well as information on education, training and career pathways.

QCAA Resource links for all students in Years 10 and 11

Detailed information and supporting links are available through the QCAA on the Information for school communities’ webpage.

This webpage provides additional links to the student’s resources in the myQCE website.  This is the gateway to the new QCE system for Year 10 and 11 students and will be a valuable tool throughout their senior schooling.  Other resources and important links are provided on this webpage.

Throughout the year, a lot of additional information is forwarded to the school in relation to careers, tertiary pathways, competitions, scholarships and traineeships and apprenticeship information.  The information is provided to all students through school communication channels including email, newsletter, parades and notices. 

If students or parents have any concerns or questions regarding senior schooling please do not hesitate to contact me.

HOD Senior Schooling

Phil Cochran

Phil Cochran

HOD Senior Schooling

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Last reviewed 18 March 2019
Last updated 18 March 2019