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VR and Robotics

On the last day of winter, Friday 31 August, some very lucky Year 9s had a visit from four QUT Ambassadors (& Robotectics fanatics!).  Four groups of our students were able to experience Virtual Reality (VR) for the first time, controlling a robot that drove around.  It was strange and cool at the same time!  What’s more is that they could actually see through the robot’s eyes, as well as interacting with the very cool VR environment.  In another activity, students were able to connect and control a robot, giving it commands that acted instantly – like a remote-controlled car, except with coding.  Through the connected robot’s cameras and teamwork, students raced to make their robot stop on a spot.  They also received an eye-opening insight into QUT and their courses, by speaking to some Honours and Bachelor recipients.  Clearly, everyone was intrigued and excited for using robotics in the future!  Here’s what a few of them had to say:
“It was really amazing to have a ‘sneak peek’ of what our future generation of technology would look like – more advanced technology like robots and the VRs!”
“It was fun to control a robot in real time – a different experience to running a list of commands.”
“It was great to find out about some of the courses at QUT.”
“It was a fun experience with my friends.”
“I liked coding.”
“I truly enjoyed the VR experience, I found the coding and robots really fun. Once explained how to code, I found it really easy to understand and do. I did consider doing coding in the future experiences in University.”
Aimee Brand
Year 9 Student