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We have had a very busy beginning to the final year of schooling for the Year 12 cohort. Week 1 saw all year levels commence school on Wednesday 27 January, with our Year 12s reminded of the importance of leading by example, goal setting, and pride.  Week 5 is upon us and the cohort has had camp reunion, investiture of our school leaders, school photos and their final school swimming carnival.
At the end of 2015, 100 Year 11 students descended on Noosa North Shore for three days of leadership activities that pushed our students out of their comfort zone, encouraged conversation and relationships with new people, and promoted the PRIDE that Caboolture State High School students are renowned for. Mini-Olympics, high ropes courses, and the annual Garbage Bag Formal were memories they will take with them for the rest of their lives. The camp reunion in Week 1 allowed students to reflect on their time on camp, reminisce about those bonds and leaders who stepped up and those who made excellent possums. An extra special thank you to all staff who took time away from their families to come up to the camp, whether for an evening or the full three days, the students appreciated your dedication and enjoyed your company.
The end of Week 3 was the final swimming carnival for our leaders and cohort. 113 out of 180 Year 12 students were dressed in their house colours, ready for the big day. Leaders and captains out-performed their predecessors, and many comments were made regarding the calibre of leadership and the examples these students presented on the day. It was a proud moment for many teachers, watching students encourage their peers to the other end of the pool, watching students who have never completed 50 metres in the pool make it to the end, not once but twice, and go out of their way to set an example for all students. Well done to all Year 12 students for their participation, their achievements and the memories they made on the day. You have set the standard high for cross country and sports day! I’m excited!
Investiture is the first formal engagement for our school captains and vice captains for 2016. School Captains, Callum Young, and Lacey Hill, with Vice-Captains, Steele Ford and Angela McCasker, were a strong part of inducting our 2016 school leaders and have started the year off magnificently. The ceremony was led by Chairman, Steven Fisher, and attended to by many local school leaders, Parents and Citizens Association members, local members of Parliament, and this year’s special guest and Paralympian, Mr Blake Cochran. This year our senior leaders are:
School Captains:
Lacey Hill and Callum Young
School Vice-Captains:          
Steele Ford and Angela McCasker
Bribie House Captains:
Christine Jensen and Jacob Munro
Bribie House Leaders:           
Mathew Bautista, Kate Brown, Jahneya Ropiha-Zambucka
Fraser House Captains:
Corey Rufus and Adair Scully-Schild
Fraser House Leaders:
Helaina Cousins, Tamara Hobson, Cody Rimmington
Moreton House Captains:
Jaidyn Harvey and Katie Offer
Moreton House Leaders:
Cooper Gillespie, Brandy Lee, Sabrina Savill
Stradbroke House Captains:
Jason Castle and Sophie Scott
Stradbroke House Leaders:
Terry Hutchinson and Bianca Montgomery
Dance Captain:
Jazmine Young
Dance Mentor:
Lucy Paulus
Band Captain:           
Kate Brown
Drama Captain:
Jasmine Pocock
Agricultural Captains:
Chelsea Emblen and Michaela Dickens
Technical Production Crew Captain:
Adam Varney
Junior Secondary Mentors:
Chantelle Hardie-Cherrington, Rachel Neal, Lucas Spinks
Term 1 is well underway and we have a number of other big events on the calendar over the next few weeks. The first order of senior jerseys has just arrived and will be distributed over the next week. Students are reminded to pay the total of their jersey to the cashier, or they will not be allowed to collect their jersey. Any students who paid after last year’s deposit deadline, or have not yet ordered a senior jersey, are required to pay the full $69.85 to the school cashier by Friday 11 March, in Week 7, to secure their 2016 Senior Jersey. Forms can still be collected from Miss Paskin in BS2.
 This term, I started the first assembly off with the statement- “Foundations are the key to success”. Term 1 is where the tone is set for the final year of schooling for our 2016 seniors. Set the study requirements, look at new coping strategies for managing stress, plan study time and time to relax, lay the foundations for those new relationships with peers and teaching staff to develop throughout the year. I’ll wrap up with a quote from Muhammad Ali, “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down. It’s the pebble in your shoe”.  Lay the foundations, look at the pebble in your schooling life, and work towards it. It is the changes you make now, that will help you through the final three terms of secondary schooling.
Kristy Paskin
Year 12 Coordinator