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Year 12 News

Term two is underway, and the focus of the Year 12’s this term is “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. There are a number of activities happening around the school to provide students with outlets to focus their attention on as a break from their studies and plan their time wisely to get the most out of their time here. Build these new habits, and break the old ones.
Last term during the Wellbeing Day, many students identified stress levels as a major cause of concern while at school. Tuesday, second break, a yoga club operates in P-block. Yoga has been proven to have numerous mental and physical benefits, improved posture, ability to relax, breath awareness, stress management, decision making, concentration and promotes a healthy body image. Each week we will focus on a different form of yoga, from Ashtanga, Hatha and Power yoga. Even by taking 10-15 minutes of their lunch time students who attended the first week commented on how much clearer their mind was, and how much more centred they felt. I’d like to challenge the Year 12 students to take ten-fifteen minutes of their Tuesday lunch, if not the whole session, to give something new a go, and unwind, stretch and de-stress at yoga.
On the fitness kick, a number of students have voiced their interest in joining the Australian Defence Force and interest in training for the Multi-Stage Fitness Test. Tuesday mornings from 7.45am in the gym, I am helping those students interested in the Fitness testing for the Defence Academy. Students are encouraged to bring a towel and toiletries to shower after the session.
A number of years ago on Channel 7, a television program ran called, Rexona’s Greatest Athlete. As a means of engaging a bit of competition and participation, each week we will have a different type of physical activity in the school, and male and female students are ranked on their performance. Week one we kicked off with the Multi-Stage Fitness Test, with Corey Rufus taking out the prize. Students are to stay tuned to the notices for updated competition information.
Cross Country in Week three is our second last full school event for the Year 12s. Students will attend periods one and two, and can then change into costumes for the bus to Centenary Lakes. Part way through an eleven week term, I’d like to take the time to remind students to stay focused, plan their time, and take a moment to do something they enjoy to wind down. Looking forward to seeing the bright costumes and the pace setting for the Cross Country soon.
Kristy Paskin
Year 12 Coordinator