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Student leadership

​2017 School Leaders

  • School Captains: Alex Colvin and Rebecca Pickering

  • School Vice-Captains: Lillee Draper and Calum Jones   


  • Junior Secondary Captains: Ariel D'Roza and Dariel Suri-White

  • Junior Secondary Vice-Captains: Harry Brown and Sienna Muller


2017 House Captains and Leaders


  • House Captains: Sophie Hartley and Leon Manuel
  • House Leaders: Thalia Field, Matthew Greenwood and Zoey Langbien
  • Junior Secondary House Leaders: Rayyaan Dowlut and Nimanoa Robertson



  • House Captains: Jackson Rullis and Ashley Toon
  • House Leaders: Felix Carstens, Samuel Lynskey and Maddison Rubie
  • Junior Secondary House Leaders: Kasey Ellwood and Gonzalo Gonzales


  • House Captains: Christine Castle and Daniel Tucker
  • House Leaders: Hayley Marriott, Emily Neve and Emily-Rose Wagner 
  • Junior Secondary House Leaders: Macauly Acton and Shai Simmons        


  • House Captains: Stephanie Meciar and Adrian Rogers
  • House Leaders: Mikaela Gibson, Monil Prasad and Courtney Sarcia   
  • Junior Secondary House Leaders: Jacob Gehrke and Grace Schuster


2017 Student Council

  • President: Marlee Black
  • Vice President: Belle Hutt
  • Secretary: Geordie Thomson 
  • Treasurer: Hailey Rufus
  • Environment Committee Chairperson: Jackson Lanyon
  • Student Welfare Committee Chairperson: Marcus Ayma
  • Activities and Sports Committee Chairperson: Jessica Bowman
  • Community Support Committee Chairperson: Tyler Shore



 2017 Extra-Curricular Captains and Leaders

  • Senior Indigenous Leader: Ellissa Cook 
  • Junior Inigenous Leader: Cammy Bate
  • Art Captain: Chantell Collis
  • Dance Captain: Tyler Woulfe
  • Dance Mentor: Skye Carroll
  • Drama Captain: Emma Hitchin
  • Band Captain: Kurt Hayward
  • Music Captain: Amber Summers
  • Rural Captains: Luke Maiden and Piper Young
  • Technical Production Crew Captain: Joshua Rutherford
  • Junior Secondary Forum Chairpersons: Sharni Edwards and Caleb Gregory
  • Junior Secondary Mentors: Kahli Dovey and Kirra Finn 



2017 Beacon Student Ambassadors

Chloe Bright, Mickayla Bugden, Rebecca Conolly, Billy Cranwell, Maddison Dunstan, Rachel Francis, Ashlea George, Lauren James, Declan MacMahon, Felicity Magarry, Tayla Mowen, Crystal Perkins, Manuel Robertson, Zack Scully-Schild, Jerard Smith, Emily Snow, Lara Thompson, Abbey Tutte

2017 Triple S Program Leaders 

Dana Ashton, Markus Ayma, Adam Browning, Keyana Clark, Zac Coutts, Josh Cox, Mallory Cruickshank, Alyssa Denham, Hayley Dovey, Jennifer Dwyer, Jemma Evans-Shipp, Katie Ferguson, Jessica Foran, Hayley Gallagher, Tynan Heron Hanrahan, Isabelle Hull, Belle Hutt, Shana Kumar, Abbie Lange, Jackson Lanyon, Morgan Little, Chloe McMahon, Courtney Miller, Aneesa Muller, Amber-Rose Nightingale, Hailey Rufus, Tyler Shore, Demi-Marie Smith, Jennifer Stokes, Molly Sullivan, Zavier Taraiwa-Tau, Geordie Thomson, Jazzie Thomson, Ellie Tidswell, Cloe Truin, James Wierenga, Sophie Wildeboer.