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Student leadership

​2019 School Leaders  

  • School Captains: Lauren James and Billy Cranwell
  • School Vice-Captains: Lara Thompson and Jerard Smith  


  • Junior Secondary Captains: Georgia Cochran and Allan Smith
  • Junior Secondary Vice-Captains: Brock Stumer and Gabriella Gonzales 


2019 House Captains andBribie Bulldogs Leaders



  • House Captains: Alisha Bromley and Zack Scully-Schild
  • House Leaders: Jacob Blundell, Declan MacMahon and Kaitlyn Smith
  • Junior Secondary House Leaders: Monique Summerville and Lucas Pike



  • House Captains: Mackenzie Ashton and James Brannigan
  • House Leaders: Halia Cardilini, Krezzle Kiwang and Manuel Robertson
  • Junior Secondary House Leaders: Katelyn Ellwood and Nikita Muller


  • House Captains: Keily Stumer and Liam Callender
  • House Leaders: D'Artagnan Seeto
  • Junior Secondary House Leaders: Bailey Mayfield and Phoenix Seeto   


  • House Captains: Lara Parr and Rykah Kerr-Harling
  • House Leaders: Abbey Tutte, Jack Gregor-Muller and Patrick Hibberd
  • Junior Secondary House Leaders: Riley Hamilton and Sebastian Hurford   


2019 Student Council

  • President: Gonzalo Gonzales
  • Vice President: Caleb Gregory 
  • Secretary: Tua Aufa
  • Treasurer: Macauley Acton
  • Environment Committee Chairperson: Sharni Edwards 
  • Student Welfare Committee Chairperson: Isaac Wierenga
  • Activities and Sports Committee Chairperson: Cyrane Doble
  • Community Support Committee Chairperson: Sienna Muller  


 2019 Extra-Curricular Captains and Leaders

  • Senior Indigenous Leader: James Masala
  • Junior Indigenous Leader: Aaliyah Kroker
  • Art Captain: Tigerlily Kamholtz
  • Dance Captain: 
  • Dance Mentor: 
  • Drama Captain: Mickayla Bugden
  • Instrumental Music Captain: Danielle Hayward
  • Music Captain: Felicity Jenkins
  • Agricultural Captains: Riley Forrester, Jordy Tylor
  • Junior Secondary Forum Chairperson: Kaleb Rabius
  • DLH Student Leaders: Jake Richardson and Bailey Ward
  • Junior Secondary Mentors:  


2019 Beacon Student Ambassadors 


2019 Triple S Program Leaders 

Macauley Acton, Cammy Bate, Timothy Bautista, Shayla Browning, Larissa Cochran, Ariel D'Roza, Grace Davis, Cyrane Doble, Sharni Edwards, Jasmine Ford, Gonzalo Gonzales, Caleb Gregory, Jed Halpin-Munks, Jemma Hill, Brodie Jones, Trent Kembrey, Christianne Lees, Tauri Looker, Sienna Muller, Rhyley Nipperess, Christine Pablico, Nimanoa Robertson, Shai Simmons, Isaac Wierenga, Emma Wilding, Darci Williams, Tasmin Williams