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​Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to the new school year at Caboolture State High, to all of our new and returning students and parents! 

I am delighted to commence Term 1, 2019 as the permanent Principal of Caboolture State High School.  I am looking forward to continuing to meet everyone in our school community and leading the school into the future.  I really value personal interactions and believe that forming supportive relationships is one of the keys to a successful school.  Please make an appointment with me via our administration office staff, if you would like to be in contact and share your views and/or perceptions of the school with me. 

In this newsletter, I am repeating the messages I sent out last term so that both new and existing Parents and Guardians can help us to give clear and consistent messages to their students about how our school works and why we need certain policies and procedures in place to maintain the good order and management of the school.  Together we can ensure bright and exciting future pathways for our students!

Motto, Vision and Values

I am committed to building on the rich history of the school and seeing the motto “May I be worthy” come to life for our staff and students.  We can demonstrate and measure our worth as a school based on:

  • a narrow and sharp focus on our core business – teaching and learning; 
  • a rich, viable and guaranteed curriculum;  
  • engaging pedagogical practices; and
  • the consistent application of the Responsible Behaviour Plan.

At Caboolture State High School, our vision is “Making the difference today…for tomorrow”. 

I set the bar high in terms of my expectations on attendance, participation, uniform, effort and behaviour, so that our vision can become a reality for all members of our school community.  I believe in a growth mindset and through this, we will encourage and challenge every one of our students to:

  • move into the first term of 2019 with pride, enthusiasm and commitment to learning;
  • take on student leadership, coaching and/or mentor roles within our student body;
  • make the best contribution they possibly can to our school community;
  • explore all the educational possibilities, career and curriculum options available to them; and embrace difficult challenges as opportunities to grow and develop resilience and self-regulation.

I invite you all to join us in our work at Caboolture State High School, to help us bring our school values to life in our school community: 


Persistence – never give up

Respect – respect yourself, others and the environment

Integrity – be honest and trustworthy

Diligence – give everything a go

Excellence – be the best you can be

My aim as the Principal is to:

  • foster a genuine sense of belonging for the young people in our care based on our values;
  • persistently explore strategies and ideas on how our teachers, students, parents and guardians can address individual student's learning needs as identified in their academic, effort and behaviour results that link in with our strategic priorities; and
  • continue to excite and inspire our school community about learning and enact our motto and vision.

Strategic Direction in 2019

I am looking forward to leading the school with the support of our staff, leadership teams, P & C and the School Council and, as we work on our strategic priority areas from our Annual Improvement Plan. 

Our Annual Improvement Plan for 2019 focuses on:

  • 1.0            Learning Culture
  • 1.1.           PBL – Positive Behaviour for Learning
  • 1.2.           ESCM – Essential Skills for Classroom Management
  • 1.3.           Restorative Practices
  • 1.4.           Reboot
  • 2.0            Curriculum
  • 2.1.           Literacy
  • 2.2.           Numeracy
  • 2.3.           Whole school curriculum plan
  • 2.4.           New Senior School curriculum (New QCE / SATE)
  • 3.0            Pedagogy
  • 3.1.           ASoT – new Art and Science of Teaching
  • 3.2.           Coaching and mentoring
  • 3.3.           Visible learning
  • 3.4.           Inclusion – Co Teaching

Through these priorities we will be creating some fabulous outcomes for our students and staff!

Uniform and the dress code

Please continue to help us to set the right tone and maintain pride in our school through our uniform dress code.  Already we have had a lovely start to the year, with so many of our students presenting to school each day in the full school uniform.  A big thank you to all of our Parents and Guardians for your efforts so far to make sure your students follow the dress code!  Your support at home definitely helps us at school.  The majority of our students are on board and looked sensational in the first week.  My staff have asked that I again mention shoes and the importance of shoes that are either leather or vinyl.  We do not want your students to miss experiments in Science, cooking in Home Ec, practical lessons in Manual Arts, activities on the Farm in Agriculture,  hands on lessons in Visual Arts or fun in the playground because they have the wrong shoes on.  We think our students look great and we want them to be safe and be able to participate in all of our lessons.

Attendance and truancy from class

Many of you have already heard my message around attendance, and on assemblies in the first week, I spoke to all of our students about attending school every day.  Your student cannot learn to their full potential if they are not here, in class, on time and stay for the entire day. The majority of our students understand this and attend every day. If that sounds like your student, then a big ‘thank you’ goes out to you from my staff because we cannot teach them if they are not in our classrooms!  In 2019, we have put in place a number of new systems and processes to support everyone to improve attendance and participation.  We have invested resources in this as a direct result of feedback from our parents and students on our School Opinion Survey, relating to the way we manage student behaviours.  If you need help getting your student to school, please contact their Year Level Coordinator, HOD or DP listed at the end of this letter.

Contacting your students during school hours

In secondary schools, students change rooms and learning environments every lesson.  Sometimes even within a 70 minute lesson, students can move from inside to outside, or to and from break out spaces within the same building, or to other areas of the school.  This is a normal practice and a common thing that occurs. Also not all of our rooms have individualised phones, nor do we have the staff allocations to support staff leaving their duties without notice or a school based purpose.  During breaks, students roam around freely and whilst often congregate in the same areas, not always can they be found in the same spot in the playground.

This means that it can be time consuming to locate a class and or student quickly.  During an emergency we have an evacuation process that allows us to account for the where a bouts of all staff and students.  Rather than ringing administration with the expectation, someone can spare the time to personally find your child,   I would ask that you follow the procedures outlined below when possible.

If you student needs to leave school during the day for a legitimate reason, then they are required to bring a note to the student counter in the morning, before school starts.  The student will be issued with a printed pass that they can show their teacher at the time in the day that they need to be released.  The teacher will let them exit the class and leave the school via the administration office.  Alternately, you can ring the administration office on 5498 0111 before 8.45am and a pass will be printed for your student to collect from the student counter before they go to house group. 

Legitimate reasons do not include:

  • I don’t like the class, subject, teacher or other students in the class
  • I don’t want to go to sport, access, Reboot, etc.
  • I haven’t completed assessment or a task and I am trying to avoid the teacher / class

These are all things that need to be resolved, not avoided.  Our entire curriculum is important and that includes classes or subjects your students might not like.  We need your help to build resilient young people, who will be ready to enter the world of work where a note from home won’t get you want you want.

If your student has a mobile phone, then during the day, it is appropriate to contact your student directly on their mobile phones via text if you need to pass on information. Whilst they may not be able to answer during lesson time, they can respond to you in the break times to confirm they have received the information. 

First break is between 10.15am and 10.40am. Second break is between 1.00pm and 1.45pm.

Early departure from school

We understand that, from time to time, students will need to leave school early to attend essential appointments only. Break time is the appropriate, least disruptive time to collect students for early departure, not lesson time. If you send a note to the office before school (stating the student’s name and house-group, the time of departure and the reason for early departure), a confirmation text is sent to you, the student will be given a pass and will exit through the front gate, outside of the administration centre. Alternatively, you can choose to park out the front of the administration centre and come in to meet the student at the parent counter to sign them out. We are not able to release the student without contact from the parent/carer, via a signed note or direct phone call. Students won’t be released after 1.45pm, or during Lesson 4.  Please use the school number when you want to talk to us, rather than ring your child’s mobile phone.  We have no way of knowing who we are talking to when a student tries to show us a text or hand over their phone.  Your call needs to come via the school phone number please.

Late arrivals

I believe strongly in our Every Day Counts strategies and want all students to attend every day. We are required by the Department of Education to implement a same day absence notification to parents. A big thank you to all of our parents who are notifying us on the day about why their student is away. At Caboolture State High School you may advise us of an absence by:

Phone: 5498 0160 (this is the direct absentee line)

Text: 0451 562 283, prior to 8.50am.

Students who are late to school miss vital information and roll marking in their house group. This creates extra work for our hard working office staff and causes problems as the data used to text parents of a student absence comes from the marking of house group rolls. Please help us by ensuring your child is at school on time and in their house group each day. House group teachers and our Year Coordinators are using lots of their valuable time chasing after students who are late, without a valid reason. We really need your support to get your student to understand why it is so important for them to be at school, on time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and the contributions you make to ensure the good order and management of our school. A strong partnership between staff and parents is a great way to improve student attendance patterns. Please contact your student’s year level DP if you would like to meet to discuss further.

In 2019 the Year level DPs are:

Year 7

Mr Rod Flood

Year 8 and 11

Mr Junn Kato

Year 10

Mr Robert Watts

Year 9 and 12

Mrs Allyson Seymour

DLH students

Mrs Lee-Ann King


In 2019 we have added a new extra layer of support for student behaviour management and wellbeing:

Year 7 HOD

Sarah Brady

Year 7 Coordinator

Renee Rose

Year 8 and 9 HOD

Sam Anderson

Year 8 Coordinator

Kassie Mayfield

Year 9 Coordinator

Michael Philp

Year 10 HOD

Andrew Papas

Year 10 Coordinator

Linda Hooper

Year 11 and 12 HOD

Phil Cochran

Year 11 Coordinator

Melfred Pretorius

Year 12 Coordinator

Rhana Ralph


In 2019 we have a renewed focus on student behaviour management to ensure all students and staff have a calm, non-disruptive learning environment to work in. We are working with students, who disrupt the learning of others, differently and I expect this to be challenging for some families. Please support us in our endeavours to ensure we maximize learning in every lesson, every day. More details of our new behaviour management systems and processes will be shared in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your valued support in maintaining the standards of dress and behaviour about which our school community can all be proud. I invite you to contact me or one of the Deputy Principals if you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this letter.  I wish everyone the best for an exciting, engaging and productive Term 1!

Fiona Free

Mrs Fiona Free, Principal

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Last reviewed 18 March 2019
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