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Our Year 7 cohorts just keep on growing with yet another record for enrolment numbers, cracking the 300 mark in 2019. Despite the larger group, we are receiving reports that these amazing kids are adapting in to high school life beautifully. Walking around to classrooms throughout the day, they are settled, well behaved and their uniform is on point! Thank-you to the parents and carers for supporting the school during this transition.

A Parent Information Night was held on Tuesday 19 February for parents/caregivers of Year 7 students. Teachers discussed their expectations regarding class work, homework and assessment, along with answering any questions. If you weren’t able to attend the evening, we encourage you to contact the classroom teacher either by phone or email. If you feel your child may be having some difficulties settling into high school, please don’t hesitate to contact the Year 7 team;


Year 7 HOD

Sarah Brady

Year 7 Coordinator

Renee Rose


High Resolves

This year, Junior Secondary students will continue to be involved in the High Resolves Program.  This is a global citizenship and leadership program which provides students with the motivation, skills and confidence they need to begin to tackle the many complex challenges they face, both in their lives today and as the leaders of tomorrow. 

Year 7: Identity and Purpose

This peak experience addresses the core questions, “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to become?” Participants develop their sense of collective identity by exploring why we have so much division in our communities. Students then learn how to critically analyse the messages they receive that influence the way they view the world.

Year 8: Just Society

Students become aware that many of the world's population currently have access to less than what the students consider to be fair. Students reflect on their own views of what causes inequality and develop an understanding of how power influences access. Students feel empowered to respond to injustice with positive actions that help engage others in creating a more equitable society.

Year 9: Social Progress

Students explore the challenges of addressing collective action problems. They understand the need to balance self- and collective interests and short- and long-term interests and the importance of mobilising others to do the same. They recognise that inclusive leadership means creating solidarity, not division and getting as many people on board with your vision as possible.


Our Year 7 and 9 students will participate in the National Assessment Program in Week 4, Term 2 on 14, 15 and 16 May. NAPLAN includes four tests conducted over the three day period: Reading, Language Conventions, Writing, and Numeracy. As part of the preparation for these tests, students will participate in practice tests, under strict exam conditions, to help familiarise themselves with the process of formal testing periods. Students are also undertaking extra literacy and numeracy sessions during both core and elective classes. A parent information letter will be in the post for all Year 7 and 9 families, however, further information and test preparation materials are available to parents on the QCAA website;

Learning Support

Our 2019 Learning Support class lists (LST) have been finalised. For new students coming in to our Year 7 program, a Language Exemption form has been posted home (as these students will not be participating in Chinese). If this can please be filled out and returned to either the office, through their House Group Teacher, or directly to Mrs Brady in C-Block staffroom.


Sarah Brady

HOD Junior Secondary

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Last reviewed 18 March 2019
Last updated 18 March 2019