School Captain's Report


​At Caboolture State High School, 2019 has started off rather quickly.  To start with, we, the School Captains and Vice-Captains would like to introduce ourselves; the School Captains are Billy Cranwell and Lauren James, and the School Vice-Captains are Jerard Smith and Lara Thompson.  We are all looking forward to the opportunities throughout the year where we can accomplish aspirations we have.  Some of these include: being involved in building a strong school community through events and projects that we are planning, attending the year level assemblies to showcase the senior students and leaders as a support network for junior students, having senior leaders working collaboratively on videos that will inform the importance of aspects around the school, encouraging more participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, as just a few ideas.

On Thursday 14 February we celebrated the various leaders in our school with the Leaders' Investiture.  Firstly, we would like to congratulate all the leaders whom have been appointed leadership positions.  This is a monumental achievement in your school life and we hope that these positions help you realise what you can do when you apply yourselves.  At this event, we were honoured to be joined by Andrew Lofthouse, a Wall of Excellence Inductee, who came and gave advice on the future, in our school and our respective leadership roles.  We would like to give a special mention to Hamish Baggley, Chairperson for the event, Felicity Jenkins and Alexander Ritchie, who performed a musical piece “I’m Yours”, Allana Jorgenson, who sang the National Anthem and all the other teachers and students who worked behind the scenes to make this event happen.  Below is a list of all the Captains and Leaders for 2019.


Junior Secondary Captains:

Georgia Cochran and Allan Smith

Junior Secondary Vice-Captains:

Gabriella Gonzales and Brock Stumer

Bribie House Captains:

Alisha Bromley and Zack Scully-Schild

Bribie House Leaders: 

Kaitlyn Smith, Jacob Blundell and Declan MacMahon

Junior Secondary Bribie House Leaders:

Monique Summerville and Lucas Pike

Fraser House Captains:

Mackenzie Ashton and James Brannigan

Fraser House Leaders: 

Halia Cardilini, Krezzle Kiwang and Manuel Robertson

Junior Secondary Fraser House Leaders:

Nikita Muller and Katelyn Ellwood

Moreton House Captains:

Keiley Stumer and Liam Callender

Moreton House Leader:

D’Artagnan Seeto

Junior Secondary Moreton House Leaders:

Bailey Mayfield and Phoenix Seeto

Stradbroke House Captains:

Lara Parr and Rykah Kerr-Harling

Stradbroke House Leaders:

Abbey Tutte, Jack Gregor-Muller and Patrick Hibberd

Junior Secondary Stradbroke House Leaders:

Riley Hamilton and Sebastian Hurford

Senior Indigenous Leader:

James Masala

Junior Indigenous Leader:          

Aaliyah Kroker



DLH Senior Student Leader:

D’artagnan Seeto

DLH Junior Leaders:

Bailey Ward, Monique Summerville, Jake Richardson & Jack Sommerville-Bruhn



Junior Secondary Forum Chairperson:

Kaleb Rabius



Music Captain:

Felicity Jenkins

Instrumental Music Captain:

Danielle Hayward

Drama Captain:

Mickayla Bugden

Art Captain:

Tigerlilly Kamholtz



Agricultural Captains:  

Jordy Tylor and Riley Forrester




Student Council Executive



Gonzalo Gonzales

Vice President:

Caleb Gregory


Tua Aufa


Macauly Acton

Environment Committee Chairperson:

Sharni Edwards

Activities & Sports Committee Chairperson:

Cyrane Doble

Student Welfare Committee Chairperson:

Isaac Wierenga

Community Support Committee Chairperson:

Sienna Muller



Triple S Leaders


Macauly Acton

Ariel D’Roza

Brodie Jones

Nimanoa Robertson

Cammy Bate

Sharni Edwards

Trent Kembrey

Shai Simmons

Timothy Bautista

Jasmine Ford

Christianne Lees

Isaac Wierenga

Shayla Browning

Gonzalo Gonzales

Tauri Looker

Emma Wilding

Larissa Cochran

Caleb Gregory

Sienna Muller

Darci Williams

Grace Davis

Jed Halpin-Munks

Rhyley Nipperess

Tasmin Williams

Cyrane Doble

Jemma Hill

Christine Pablico






Beacon Ambassadors



Larissa Bromley

Makayla Hammermeister

Izabella Shipley

Cassady Burtenshaw

Katelyn Hobbs

Emma Smith

Ayesha Dei Rossi

Alice Law

Tammy Van Der Hout


Finally, we wish all the leaders luck in the year ahead and hope you achieve great things.


Lauren, Billy, Jerard and Lara

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Last reviewed 18 March 2019
Last updated 18 March 2019