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Our Junior Secondary team is made up of the staff members who work closely with students during their transition, and follow the cohort through their journey as a Junior Secondary student.

​Deputy Principals

​Heads of Department

​Year Coordinators

​Lee-Ann King (Year 7)

Wayne Hooper (Year 8)

Chris Shevelling (Year 9)

​Linda Hooper (Year 7)

Courtney Burton (Year 8)

Sam Anderson (Year 9)

​Rhana Ralph (Year 7)

Josh Woods (Year 8)

Kassie Mayfield (Year 9)


Guiding Principles

Education Queensland has provided all state schools with six guiding principles to help during the planning and preparation stages of the transition. These include: distinct identity, quality teaching, student wellbeing, parent and community involvement, leadership and local decision making. 

Distinct identity

Through the implementation of house groups, staff help to create a strong sense of belonging for their students through developing relationships with a specific group of students that continues from Year 7 through to Year 12. 
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Core teaching teams are established where teachers may be paired to two core areas such as Math and Science or English and SOSE; thus reducing the number of teachers for each student.

A designated physical space has been established called the Junior Secondary Precinct, which helps students feel safe and have a sense of belonging.
A clear identity for our Junior Secondary students has been created through the new look Junior Secondary uniform that helps to visually separate our Junior Secondary students to the Senior Secondary students.

Quality teaching  

In the Junior Secondary school, The Art and Science of Teaching pedagogy is implemented as it provides teaching strategies that are evidence-based and suited to adolescents.

With staff practicing the Art and Science of Teaching in their classrooms, we have a consistent approach when it comes to establishing routines, following rules and procedures.

Teachers also create learning environments that reflect our school values:

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Student wellbeing

Peer support and mentoring programs, such as the Triple S Leaders (Seniors Support Sevens), support our students' well-being and transition needs.

Students are also supported by house group teachers who have the responsibility of mentoring and providing pastoral care for their subset of students within the broader group. This involves establishing a safe, supportive, caring and inclusive school community that fosters school connectedness and encourages a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition and exercise.

Students are offered a range of extra-curricular opportunities as these programs are important in providing a sense of meaning and purpose through peer support, participation and working together as a group.  

Parent and community involvement

Caboolture State High School encourages parents to stay connected to their children’s learning throughout secondary school. Parents are invited to:  

  • Come into school to participate in twilight sessions.

  • Where possible, accompany their child to school events and functions.

  • Help with learning at home.

  • Be involved in school life by volunteering in the tuckshop and supporting the Parents and Citizens Association.


Caboolture State High School supports our Junior Secondary students by giving them an opportunity to take on new challenges, build self-esteem and mentor other students through leadership.  

The Junior Secondary leadership team, consisting of our Year 9 students, are appointed to lead the junior school. The leadership team includes two Junior Secondary Captains, two Junior Secondary Vice Captains, and two House Captains for each of the four house teams.   

Two House Group Captains are also appointed in all house group classes in Years 7, 8 and 9. 

The leaders in our junior school help to organise key events throughout the year including student forums, carnivals and formal assemblies. This provides our students with the opportunity to influence, motivate and serve the needs of their peers.   

Local decision making

Caboolture State High School nurtures strong relationships with the community by providing parents with opportunities for involvement in school events and school-based decision making.  

Opportunities are also provided for student involvement in decision making during the student forums run by our Junior Secondary Captains.

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Last reviewed 21 July 2020
Last updated 21 July 2020