BYOD - Bring Your Own Device


Bringing Your Own Device to school is an important and exciting opportunity for students to undertake their curriculum while developing the digital skills they will need for life beyond school.

BYOD is not new at Caboolture CSHS, as students have 'brought their own device' as part of the school's LearnIT program since 2002.  

Now, the opportunity to learn through technology and develop skills for the world beyond school is open to all students. 

Caboolture State High School students will use a range of materials for their learning, including online platforms. Students are expected to have their own laptop for use in the classroom and for homework. 


  • BYOD encourages independent learners as students have all the necessary tools and resources at home or at school.  No more, "I left it at home (or school)".
  • BYOD learning offers relevant ways to support student learning that can be transferred to the workplace, including respectful and appropriate use of mobile devices
  • BYOD learning is more portable, personal, collaborative, interactive, differentiated and contextual
  • BYOD learning creates a stronger connection between school and home
  • BYOD learners are often more engaged with their learning


Students can opt to bring and use other devices provided they meet minimum specifications, which are determined by the school to ensure they connect to our network and satisfactorily run the required programs.  If you wish to use a laptop you already own, we recommend that it not be older than two years.

The school will assist in network connection and access to school software but will not be able to extend onsite support or service to hardware or operation issues.  It is important that families read the information carefully before choosing a device.

Bringing to school and connecting to our network a privately-owned device comes with a range of roles and responsibilities.  In addition to providing a device that meets minimum specifications, students participating in BYOD@CSHS will be expected to comply with the program's Participation Agreement.


Students are charged a fee for technical support on the School Network. The options that are offered to students are listed below:

Full school technical support

    • Cost of $80 – this option includes onboarding laptops, setting up the computer on the school network, connecting to the school printers, ensuring the student can connect to the school WiFi, connecting the curriculum drive, school email and setting up Office 365. 

    • Troubleshooting software and hardware when issues occur, providing full support for the student when they are experiencing difficulty.

    • Inservicing of students with software when they have problems or difficulty with their laptop and providing an Adobe license (if required).
    • Basic hardware repairs not requiring a warranty claim are provided.  Advice and assistance on warranty claims will also be provided.

Basic school support

    • Cost of $20 – this option only includes setting up the computer onto the school network, connecting to the school printers, ensuring student can connect to the school WiFi correctly, connecting the curriculum drive, school email and setting up Office 365. 
    • It does not include any trouble shooting or additional support.

Basic school support with an Adobe License

    • Cost of $40 – this option includes setting up the computer onto the school network as described above and students have access to the Full Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

For any of the above options, a BYOD Participation Agreement must be completed and signed and submitted to the school.

The BYOD payment must be made prior to connecting to the school network.  Please make this payment to the cashier at the school admin office.

Present the school stamped agreement and laptop to school IT Support staff to be connected.

Contact the school via email or phone 5498 0111, for any further enquiries.


Caboolture SHS has service and support arrangements with both Toshiba and HP. Students who purchase through the designated Toshiba and HP vendors will receive onsite support with any repairs facilitated for families.  

Students can choose from a small number of devices, designed to suit EVERYDAY or MEDIA study needs.


Contact Caboolture Computers on 5498 5430.


Access the HP portal or contact HP directly on 0450 629 359

Caboolture SHS families receive a 5% discount from Hewlett Packard.  Quote cab5%


The following devices are not suitable for BYOD

  • iPads
  • Smartphones
  • Chromebooks
  • Windows RT
  • Tablets
  • Androids
  • Linux distributions (eg Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora etc)
  • Windows 10S devices (these must be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro in order to join our network. The school cannot provide this service.)


Teachers at the school may wish to use non-government websites that have been approved by the Department of Education, as part of student learning.

Parents must consent to their child using these websites by completing a consent form.  The Online Service Consent Form and Information Sheet Years 7 to 10 (PDF, 851) and the Online Service Consent Form and Information Sheet Years 11 to 12 (PDF, 791KB) outlines the type of service, terms of use, privacy policies and how information is stored.


For most students, the EVERYDAY device will meet school needs. Its specifications are sufficient for everyday programs such as MS Office, electronic textbooks, online programs and web browsing.

An EVERYDAY device would be suitable for junior school

Parents might like to consider an EVERYDAY device for junior years (7-9) and then weigh up student study interests for senior school and consider whether upgrading to a MEDIA device would be more appropriate or beneficial for their studies.


For students with a strong interest and focus in media-based subjects such as Graphics, IT and Art, a MEDIA device will be more appropriate.

Students will need Adobe software which is available through the school.

Students of MEDIA subjects will have access to the necessary software on school computers.  Students don't have to have their own laptop, owever, it will be beneficial to their studies if they do.


Students enrolled in a Department of Education (DoE) school such as Caboolture State High School have access to a range of software.

Microsoft Office 365 can be legally downloaded onto a private device for student use both at school and home. 

In downloading these programs, students must use their DoE email address (something like and not a Gmail or Hotmail or other account.

Students with a MEDIA device who wish to install ADOBE CC Master Collection will need to collect the program from the IT Department.  Students will need to install the program at home and then see the school technicians again to have the product activated.

Last reviewed 16 December 2020
Last updated 16 December 2020