LearnIT is an alternative educational pathway for high achieving students in our community. It is an Education Queensland Program of Excellence which operates from Years 7 to 10. 

Talented students who are motivated, well-behaved and keen to learn in new and exciting ways are encouraged to apply.    

Students in this program provide a designated MEDIA laptop. Fast, efficient service is essential to ensure uninterrupted learning in a digital environment.  In LearnIT, support and service is coordinated by school technicians in conjunction with authorised repair agents who also, in cases of accidental damage, facilitate repairs and claims.


Entry to LearnIT is by invitation only. Positions are offered to those applicants who best meet the criteria of academic ability, effort and behaviour and who are highly motivated to learn through digital technologies.  

Contact to request information about possible vacancies. 

Post-LearnIT students in Years 11 and 12 will continue to use their laptop or may choose to opt into BYOD with a different device. As a LearnIT student, they will:  

  • Continue to receive assistance from the IT support department with device maintenance and imaging, software and connectivity
  • Be invoiced $80 

More about LearnIT

LearnIT is:  


  • LearnIT has been engaging students since 2002

  • LearnIT classes comprise students who have completed an interview process and been selected based on evidence of academic success, behaviour and work ethic

  • LearnIT fosters a positive learning culture underpinned by digital technologies

  • LearnIT has a proud tradition of success across the school community in both academic and extracurricular fields

  • Our well-established system of service and support ensures students have a rewarding experience with technology  


  • LearnIT stimulates highly capable students with challenging extension and enhancement opportunities

  • Students use project-based learning to develop the six competencies of deep learning: communication, citizenship, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration  and character

  • Through high-end, tablet technology and a wide range of online learning experiences, students learn, create and communicate in diverse ways 

  • LearnIT enjoys a strong partnership with QUT's IT and STEM faculties and the activities and access to resources this enables

  • We seek to innovate and look for new and exciting opportunities to take learning beyond the classroom   

  • Students have the opportunity to achieve a Certificate ll in Information, Digital Media and Technology by the end of Year 10 


  • Participation, success and personal growth are highly valued in LearnIT. 

  • Students have many opportunities to be involved in a range of extension and extracurricular activities  

  • LearnIT  fosters a positive culture and students form lasting bonds with peers and teachers

  • Individual needs are met through tailored organisation and delivery

  • Students learn many life skills through their deep learning and working closely with technology

To find out how your child might benefit from this program, how to participate and whether there are any vacancies:

  • contact program coordinator Carolyn Bradley on 54980111 or  

  • attend an information session at the school's Open Day on Sunday, May 27

  • for people who miss the Open Day a second information session will be held on Tuesday August 21 at 12.00pm. This will be followed by a tour of LearnIT classrooms to see the program in action. To help with the coordination of this event please register your interest

  • Register your interest in visiting us during a school day to hear information, ask questions and see LearnIT in action 

Interviews for 2019 will begin in June, 2018. To book an interview, you will need to complete the Interview request form (PDF, 454KB) and LearnIT Agreement (PDF, 169KB) and bring them with a $50 deposit* to the school Office.

* Please note, the deposit is non-refundable for students who elect not to join the program and enrol in another school.

Last reviewed 12 March 2019
Last updated 12 March 2019