Year Level Coordinators


​Year Level Coordinators are 

Patrick Mandall
Year 7

​I thoroughly enjoy teaching at Caboolture State High School. Our awesome students make every day special.  I have a background in Visual Art and History, and experience teaching in the community for five years.  I have a particular interest in inclusive education and inclusive education research. 

I believe that learning is for everyone - every student is more than capable, and has their unique strengths to learn and develop. I enjoy an active lifestyle, making music and art, and reading. 

Rhana Ralph
Year 8

​My name is Rhana Ralph and I am in my 16th year of secondary teaching.  I am a passionate teacher who has been working at Caboolture State High School for my whole teaching career.  I love this school and it's a testament to the students and supportive staff.  I enjoy teaching Science and watching students learn about how the world works.  I believe teacher's relationship with students and their teaching pedagogy play a critical role in education and have the greatest impact on student learning.  I am passionate about culture and acknowledging and celebrating diversity. I am often involved in awareness days including Harmony Day, NAIDOC Week, Sorry Day and the Parent and Community Wandiny.  I have been a year level coordinator (YLC) for 4 years now and I have found my calling in this pastoral care environment.  My favourite part of being a YLC is supporting and watching students grow into mature young adults.  I strive to prepare young people to lead successful and productive lives as well as enjoy their schooling years.

Josh Woods
​Year 9

​I am the Year 9 Coordinator.  I am in my 4th year of teaching but have worked at Caboolture High for 8 years. 

Prior to teaching I was a youth worker and school chaplain.  I have a background in music, history and social work and I am currently teaching Kabi Kabi language.  I have been passionate about working with young people for a long time.  I try to instil a growth mindset in students, as I believe that this is important for future success. 

Kassie Mayfield
Year 10

​As the Year 10 Coordinator, I am passionate about personal growth and love the chance to sink my teeth into a new challenge.  I believe every student needs a champion and I have had many amazing experiences working with the young people here at Caboolture State High School.  I believe that we all have something to offer and the greatest challenges lead to the greatest rewards. 

Music is my teaching area and has always been an enjoyable aspect of my life.  I love spending time with my family, reading and watching live music.

Michael Philp
Year 11​

My name is Mike Philp and I am the Year 11 Coordinator at Caboolture State High School.  I have taught at CSHS since 2015 and before that I spent two years teaching at an international school in Surabaya, Indonesia, then six years teaching in Nagoya, Japan.  I spend my time away from school surfing, snowboarding, swinging kettlebells and raising my young family.  I am a father and a husband.

I have always been passionate about educating young minds and sharing the wisdom I have learned through years of working with students from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds.  I have a background in Science, specialising in Marine Science and Exercise Physiology.  The best part about my role at CSHS is being able to witness the growth students who enter our school as nervous Year 7 students and leave as highly capable, qualified and experienced seniors.  I am making a difference today for tomorrow. 

​Jen Kelly
Year 12

​I started my teaching career in Canada with a passion in health and physical education.  From a young age I could understand the overall benefits of sport and exercise for mental health and overall well-being.  My favourite sport to play is lacrosse, which I am now the captain of my team.  Exercise is one of the most underutilised antidepressants, but through coaching sport I strive to help students understand the positive impacts of fitness.  I enjoying building positive relationships with students and helping them believe in themselves, as we all deserve health and happiness.  I enjoy being the Year 12 Coordinator, as I have a chance to play a large role in supporting the Year 12 students through their last year of high school.

Last reviewed 26 March 2021
Last updated 26 March 2021