Resource Scheme


As a service to the families of the school and with the support of the Parents and Citizens’ Association, Caboolture State High School operates a Student Resource Scheme (SRS). It aims to:

  • reduce costs to parents
  • increase resources available to students
  • reduce demands on parents for additional outlays during the school year.

Application forms for participation in the scheme can be found to the right (Student Resource Scheme).

The SRS shields parents from the high costs involved in maintaining and improving the textbook, equipment and resources available to students.

Participation in the scheme is totally voluntary, so all parents must appreciate that texts and resources purchased with money contributed by participating parents can only be made available to those students whose parents pay their contributions.

Benefits of the Student Resource Scheme

The following list, although not exhaustive, gives the range of benefits to students: 

  • prescribed textbooks for each subject selected, for the period of that study
  • reproduced class material which complement and/or substitute for textbooks
  • wider range of textbooks, where a single text is insufficient
  • audio and visual tapes
  • access and use of internet and computer resources
  • extensive teacher prepared handouts
  • sporting equipment and bus costs for inter-school sport
  • a homework diary and school magazine
  • restricted Internet access.

Note: The conditions of hire should be read carefully.


$215.00 per student, or maximum $520 per family (3 or more students). This is a once per year textbook, equipment and materials charge.

Refunds and late enrolments

Pro rata refunds and payments are calculated to the nearest week based on a 40-week school year.

Payment procedures

Payment by cheque, credit card or Eftpos is a preferred option.

Conditions of hire 

  1. The school will supply all textbooks equipment and resources used by the student for as long as they are needed.
  2. The school will supply all basic learning materials used in Industrial Technology, Lifestyle Technology, Art and Agriculture classes. However, where materials provided by the school become student property, additional charges to cover cost of the materials will be made.
  3. Students must present their ID card when obtaining or returning resources.
  4. Students are to supply their own materials for any work they wish to do at home.
  5. Students are to supply their own stationery, writing materials, drawing sets, and protective clothing used in special areas.
  6. Books issued to students are to be kept covered during their period of the loan. Books damaged or lost will be replaced by the student before further issues are made.
  7. Students who show a bad record for damaging or losing books, equipment and resources will be removed from the scheme at the discretion of the school.
  8. All books, equipment and resources supplied under the scheme remain the property of the school.
  9. Books, equipment and resources supplied under the scheme cannot be made available to students whose parents choose not to participate.

Students will be re-admitted to the scheme in subsequent years only when any outstanding fees have been paid and books damaged or not returned have been replaced.

If you cannot download the document linked from the page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Last reviewed 17 November 2020
Last updated 17 November 2020