Principal's welcome


Welcome to Term 3

I am delighted to commence term 3, 2019 as the Principal of Caboolture State High School.  As I move through my  first year as Principal of this lovely school I am learning  what it means to be part of the Caboolture culture and I have really enjoyed immersing myself in a new school.  I am looking forward to continuing to meet everyone in our school community and leading the school into the future.  Caboolture State High School is such a friendly, warm and welcoming place.   It has been lovely to meet so many positive staff and students as I walked through the playground each day.  I really value personal interactions and believe that forming supportive relationships is one of the keys to a successful school.  Because of this, I will continue to prioritising meeting with as many members of our school community as I can, so please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with me via our administration office staff, if you would like to touch base and share your views and/or perceptions of the school with me.

I am committed to building on the rich history of the school and seeing the motto “May I be worthy” come to life for our staff and students.  We can demonstrate and measure our worth as a school based on:

  • a narrow and sharp focus on our core business – teaching and learning; 
  • a rich, viable and guaranteed curriculum;  
  • engaging pedagogical practices; and
  • the consistent application of the responsible behaviour plan.

At Caboolture State High School, our vision is “Making the difference today…for tomorrow”.  I set the bar high in terms of my expectations on attendance, participation, uniform, effort and behaviour, so that our vision can become a reality for all members of our school community.  I believe in a growth mindset and through this I will encourage and challenge every one of our students to:

  • attend every day with pride, enthusiasm and commitment to learning;
  • take on student leadership, coaching and/or mentor roles within our student body;
  • make the best contribution they possibly can to our school community;
  • explore all the educational possibilities and curriculum options available to them;
  • embrace difficult challenges as opportunities to grow and develop; and
  • think seriously about what career options they are interested in

I invite you all to join us in our work at Caboolture State High School to help us bring our values to life in our school community: 

Persistence – never give up

Respect – respect yourself, others and the environment

Integrity – be honest and trustworthy

Diligence – give everything a go

Excellence – be the best you can be

My aim as the Principal is to:

  • foster a genuine sense of belonging for the young people in our care based on our values;
  • persistently explore strategies and ideas on how our teachers, students and parents can address individual students learning needs as identified in their academic, effort and behaviour results that link in with our strategic priorities; and
  • continue to excite and inspire our school community about learning and enact our motto and vision.

I am looking forward to leading the school with the support of our leadership teams, the school council and P & C, as we work on our strategic priority areas:

1. Learning Culture

1.1. PBL – Positive Behaviour for Learning

1.2. ESCM – Essential Skills for Classroom Management

1.3. Restorative Practices

1.4. Reboot

2. Curriculum

2.1. Literacy

2.2. Numeracy

2.3. Whole school curriculum plan

2.4. New Senior School curriculum (New QCE / SATE)

3. Pedagogy

3.1. ASOT – new Art and Science of Teaching

3.2. Coaching and mentoring

3.3. Visible learning

3.4. Inclusion – Co Teaching

and through these priorities creating some fabulous outcomes for our students and staff. 

My educational leadership history

To conclude I thought I would share some of my educational leadership history.  I began my career in education as a Science, Maths and Agriculture Teacher in a small rural secondary school in Moura, in central Queensland.  This was a fabulous school to hone my craft as a teacher and this is where I developed my passion for leadership.  After the birth of our first son I was appointed as the Science Head of Department and then the Deputy Principal in a large secondary school, Kepnock State High School in Bundaberg.  Our second son was born and we then moved to the Sunshine Coast where I worked as a Deputy Principal at Gympie State High School and then Sunshine Beach State High School.  For the last 6 years I have enjoyed my first Principal role at Meridan State College in Caloundra in the secondary campus. 

I am very humbled and excited to be the Principal at Caboolture State High school and wish everyone the best for an exciting, engaging and productive school year!

Kind regards,

Fiona Free 



Last reviewed 12 August 2019
Last updated 12 August 2019