Guidance Officer


At Caboolture State High School, we are very fortunate to have three guidance officers who are here to engage with students and families who need support. All three guidance officers work across different year levels and are experienced, registered teachers who hold a Masters of Education, Guidance and Counselling, enabling them to provide a wide range of high – quality support to schools.

The role of the guidance officer is to provide support to students and families in terms of maximising students' educational, social and emotional wellbeing. As young people move through adolescence, they face a number of challenges that range from personal issues, relationship issues, educational concerns and career decisions.

The guidance officer is available to speak with students or families about any concerns that may be occurring in the school or home setting that may be impacting on a young person's wellbeing. The aim is to assist all parties to reframe the particular problem or problems so that solutions can be found.

In addition, the guidance officer can provide students and families with a range of resources that can assist all parties in the transition from the school setting to either other educational institutions or workplaces.

Guidance officers are available to speak or meet with students and families at arranged times. Simply ring the school number and the office staff will direct you to the relevant guidance officer. Students are also free to make an appointment time. 

Years 7 & 10: Drew Ricker

Drew supports all students in Years 7 and 10 – these are important key transitional phases in a students' high school journey.  Drew is responsive to all students' needs: personal, social/emotional and educational and is passionate about wellbeing support.  

An important part of this role is conducting cognitive assessments to determine the nature of student learning difficulties, disability developmental needs and overall wellbeing, and providing information, support and advice to students, teachers, parents and relevant stakeholders regarding educational disabilities, careers, mental health issues and family issues.  Drew also works closely with the support team to deliver proactive programs including the BRAVE program to assist students with anxiety and personal wellbeing. 

Years 8 & 11: Lisa Blair

Lisa B.jpg
Lisa supports the Year 8 cohort of student in maintaining social, emotion and academic wellbeing as they continue through the junior phase of their high schooling years.  She assists in delivering school-wide programs such as Rock & Water and RAGE, which aims to develop students' ability in managing their self-regulation.  
Lisa will also supports the Year 11 cohort, much of which includes career and study support, to assist in maintaining focus on their future pathway goals.

Jayden D.jpg
Years 9 & 12: Jayden Delacour
Jayden supports students in maintaining social and emotional health as they enter the middle phase of their high schooling years.  As part of the student support team at Caboolture State High School, he assists in delivering school-wide programs that develop students' ability in managing their emotions, confidence and wellbeing.  
Jayden's role also involves providing social, emotional and educational support for the Year 12 cohort.  Jayden supports the Year 12 students through the QTAC application process, also providing career guidance to the Year 12 students, checking that subject change requests are in line with students' career goals.
Last reviewed 21 March 2022
Last updated 21 March 2022