Students with diverse needs


​​​​​​​​​Showcase 2020 Awards for Excellence in 2020 State Winners for Inclusion

Caboolture State High School is successfully building more literate futures for our students with a verified disability, supporting the department's Every student with disability succeeding plan (2018). We are improving participation and achievement in the Australian Curriculum for these students; ensuring a life of choice, not chance. 

By case managing our student's data, providing early and ongoing intervention and focused professional learning for staff, we have successfully improved the level of achievement (LOA) data in English for students with disability. The measure of our success is improved A-E performance, with the additional measure of achieving a one year or better relative gain in literacy for students with disability. 

Caboolture State High School's Diverse Learning Hub (DLH) supports a range of Students with Disabilities through a highly supportive and innovative team approach. 

Aligned with the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Education (2005), Caboolture State High School aims to provide all students with the opportunity to engage in an ability appropriate curriculum, working in the least restrictive environment, in order to achieve each students maximum potential. Our school's inclusive model supports Classroom Teachers working with DLH Teachers and Teaching Assistants to cater for students within their classroom setting. Co-teaching is a model we use at Caboolture State High School to support the inclusion model. We plan collaboratively with a variety of school based, regional and private professionals in order to deliver and implement the Australian Curriculum.

The DLH staff may offer alternative programs and opportunities to Students with Disabilities based on individual student needs and in consultation with students' families. Students with Disabilities may also access alternative programs offered by other departments within the school when appropriate for the student's needs. Those students working at year levels significantly below that of their peers are catered for through the formulation and implementation of Individual Curriculum Plans (ICP's) in consultation with their parents.

Students can be supported in various ways;

In-class Support - DLH case coordinators assist students in a wide range of core academic and elective classes with organisational, social interaction and academic support strategies.

Individualised Classes - individualised courses of functional and academic literacy and numeracy to meet the unique needs and aspirations of students. These classes are run specifically for students on Individual Curriculum Plans.

Co-Teaching – Students are placed in the general classroom with a general class teacher and a DLH teacher. Both teachers teach, assess and support all students in their classroom.

We are able to cater for students who have been verified or are awaiting a verification:

Intellectual Disability (ID)

Physical Impairment (PI)

Visual Impairment (VI)

Speech Language Impairment (SLI)  

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Deaf Hard of Hearing (DHH)​​​​

Last reviewed 19 August 2021
Last updated 19 August 2021